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2021 Baja Nevada Recap

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

This past weekend was the Legacy Baja Nevada Race. Everything about this race was last minute for our team. We got the truck a week before the race, found rooms the day before the race started, and flew out the day before qualifying to test the truck for the first time.

On Tuesday when I drove the truck, it was a whole new ball game. The truck was lighter, faster, and quicker to move than our previous truck. It is so much easier to plant in the corners and pin it in the straight aways. Because of this, when qualifying came around, I was very confident. This confidence may have gotten the best of me when I came into one of the last corners super aggressively and then lifted off the gas at just the wrong time. Thankfully, the Legacy safety crew was right there to get us back on all fours and we finished the qualifying loop in 8 minutes flat putting us in the last position in our class on race day.

This did phase me one bit for race day. I got into the truck on Friday morning and started physically 26th and ended the day physically 13th. Once all of the numbers had been worked out, @katfab32 and I ended the flawless day in 14th place.

For day 2, I handed it off to @stacy.clark76 who started 33rd overall. Throughout the day, things just kept getting worse. Power steering issues, rain, and fueling problems... My dad was mentally and physically wore out by pit 10.

I hopped back into the truck at pit 10 with fading power steering. Every 20-30 miles @deafboy279 would hop out, put more power steering fluid in, and I would drive as fast as possible for as long as possible until the power steering would fade to nothing. Then I would endure it for as long as I could and we would restart the process. We did this for the rest of the race as well as filling up fluid at each pit. Thank you dad for always being there in case I needed to get out. But through it all, we made it to the finish!!

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